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Powerscript™ is an execution container for C# or VB .Net Code which comes bundled with a collection of classes to execute via machine code most of functionalities offered by the PathFinder Trader™ trading platform. By including the datamanager class methods in your strategy, you will gain full access to all execution streams and data which are associated to your account. Once designed, you can select your strategy to execute against a specific instrument or a basket of products based on your unique rules. PowerScript is versatile and complete.

The PowerScript Editor

Code Validation

Completion List

The completion list popup is used to display a number of code completion options to the end user, not only providing intelligent information about the code being edited, but also improving the productivity of the end user by supporting "Ctrl+Space" functionality.

Syntax Highlighting

Highlighting styles can be completely customized by the end user for each code language, even allowing the changing of text area background and line number margin colors.

Advanced Editing Capabilities

All the advanced editing capabilities you would expect from a professional editor are available in the PowerScript Editor


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