Pathfinder Trader™ is an award winning trading platform designed around the unique needs of the most evolute and diverse trading community. Whether you day-trade manually or through automated strategies, Pathfinder features many advanced tools that can help you achieve your trading goals. Designed as a flexible front-end capable to connect simultaneosuly to multiple data and execution streams, the system can be deployed either as an ultra low latency system or internet application. Orders that can be executed via one click feature or through automated strategies, are processed by the data manager API and directed to the correspondin API without using server bridges, thus eliminating layers of latency.

  • Trading from the Charts and the ScalperBook
    You can place advanced order strategies, modify, cancel complex orders with a single click of your mouse.
  • More Order Types for Your Trading
    Place advanced Orders such as Multiple Brackets, OSO, OCO, Icebergs, MIT (Market If Touched), Trading stops.
  • Money Manager Plug-in
    Manage Multiple Accounts and build allocation strategies through the additional plug-in.
  • Voice Trade Confirmation
    Enable the voice alerts for trade confirmation for a real-time audio notification of order status and fill updates.
  • Fully Customizable Time frames
    Opposed to traditional trading software we do not restrain you to preset chart Time frames. When you build a chart you decide the numeric value and the time range from seconds to months.
  • Build Bid, Ask, or Last based Charts.
    Available for our FX products, you can decide if your chart will be built based on the Bid, Ask, or the Last (average Bid/Ask) prices.
  • The Pip/Tick Ruler
    You can draw lines, Retracements, Fans, and you can use the pip ruler to visualize on your chart your profit and Loss.
  • Darvas Boxes
    The popular indicator available for all charting styles. Click and add to your chart.
  • High Definition Charts
    Apply the 3D style layout to your charts and components for a vivid visualization.
  • Volume Studies
    Advance Volume studies are available for Futures and Forex Charts, including Market profile and Volume bars. You can customize the display to your session.
  • D.D.E. Export
    You can export to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet most of the real time information broadcast through the quoteboard.
  • QuoteBoard
    Displays and broadcasts real-time live quotes and contract information for all data feeds available.
  • Message Log and Alert System
    An updated log displaying relevant events including fills, connections to data feeds and more.
  • Economic Calendar
    Multilingual and updated by our team, displays the incoming economic indicators to be released during the trading session.
  • Workspaces and Chart Templates
    You can save and reload personalized workspaces customized to your trading style, save chart templates and apply them to any charts for a quick set-up of indicators and chart styles.
  • Multilingual
    You can select the language of the platform during the installation process, or change it from the general settings.
  • GMT or LOCAL Time display
    Set your platform time to reflect GMT time zone or your local time.
  • Demo and Live Enviroment
    You can maintain both demo and live enviroment on the same license. At every login you can decide which enviroment you wish to access.
  • The User Area and Indicators Cloud
    A single login allows you to access the Community, the Support system, and the web user area where you can store your indicators and automated scripts.
  • Multiple Connectivity
    You can access multiple liquidity providers and futures exchanges. All connections are handled by our API.
  • More Products
    Trade Forex ECNs, Electronic Futures, and other financial instruments all through the same trading client!
  • Build Synthetic Spreads and Arbitrages
    The local aggregator allows traders to build tradable synthetic contracts and complex Forex arbitrage strategies.

  • Each Data feed is handled separately in the software. You can enable & disable feeds through the connection manager.
  • Automatic Connection
    If for any reason your connection with the data feed is lost, the software will attempt to reconnect automatically.

Advanced Charting

Featuring 13 Different high definition data-visualization types, and multiple sets including time based bars as well as range based data display, the professional charting offers true High definition charting.

Multiple Feeds

The trading client support multiple simultaneous connection to different execution venues, in some cases even supporting the same underlying technology. You can trade multiple assets and accounts from one single interface.

Powerful API

PathFinder Trader™ API is a fix compliant, low latency- cross asset solution designed for industry professionals. By performing a single quick implementation, you will able to access the entire set of executing venues.

Professional Trader? Need Access to Api? Contact us!

Automated Strategies

Powerscript™ is an execution container for C# or VB .Net Code and comes bundled with a collection of classes to perform many of functions bundles in the PathFinder Trader™ and the data-manager execution class.

One Click Trading

When speed matters, Pathfinder deliver fast, one click execution through multiple trading interfaces which include the Scalper Book, the depth of market and Trading from the chart.

Risk and Portfolio

Despite routing trades to different venues and clearing firms, risk management and position reporting are well separate to allow a prompt and visual view of your P&L and margin usage.

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