One Integration makes it all.

PathFinder Trader™ API is a fix compliant, low latency- cross asset solution designed for industry professionals. The advantage of our API is clear: By performing a single quick implementation, you will able to access the entire set of Forex ECNs, electronic futures and other financial products available through the PathFinder Trader™ execution environment. Once Integrated, you can send complex orders to multiple pools of liquidity simultaneously, by instructing the API to execute on a specific data feed by adding a single line of code..

High Frequency Tradersg

A comphrensive, well commented documentation to build your High Frequency engine execution on a state of the art - low latency infrastructure designed around your unique trading needs.

Algo Traders

A scalable solution to design complex black and grey boxes executing across multiple exchanges and OTC markets and synthetic market venues. Spread, Aggregate or select the pool of liquidity.

CTAs and Money Managers

Manage multiple accounts from one screen easily and on multiple ECNs and Futures Exchanges; manage accounts individually or on a global basis. Generate advanced cross product reports for a full post-trade management.

No Additional Charges

By developing your scripts around our API you will not incur in any additional cost or usage Fee (standard Commission Apply).

multiple fix Environment

Forget complicate and multiple fix integrations. Linking your application on our data-manager class, will open your script simultaneous access to multiple technologies.

Well commented

Not all the API docs are the same. By using our API will access almost the same functions available in the client, including the advanced volume studies and the DDE linking.

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