FastBrokers™ is the trading name of Fast Trading Services, a derivatives execution-only brokerage. FastBrokers has partnered with multiple Futures Commissions Merchants to offer its clients with execution services through a proprietary trading technology.

Fast Trading Services, LLC was founded in 2005 and is holding registered in the United States as Independent Introducing Broker. Fastbrokers is also a member of the NFA (National Futures Association).



Our Flagship product, Pathfinder Trader™, optimizes the trading workflow end-to-end using the FIX standard protocol of communication and applications that facilitate electronic traders to execute and interact on multiple exchanges and trading venues more efficiently and effectively.

Global Reach

Speed of execution, access to multiple exchange and derivatives products and a robust order management function can maximize the effects of your trading. FastBrokers is a professional trading solution that gives you fast, low-cost and secure electronic access while helping you reduce your risk.

Commitment to Compliance

FastBrokers’ personnel, managers and founders are committed to the highest level of integrity. We are a CFTC registered Independent Introducing Broker since 2005. Our registration give us the advantage to select and operate different clearing arrangements among selected NFA/CFTC registered entities.

Heroic Support

Fully invested on our client. When you trade with us, you know that behind technology you will find experienced and friendly staff ready to assist.When you can call the trade desk, send a support ticket or contact through the live chat, you will receive prompt answers and support to your needs.

Compliance Framework

The US Futures regulatory framework requires Fast Trading Services LLC to comply with specific capital requirements, strict compliance procedures, and ethical sales practices. Our personnel, managers and founders are committed and adhere to the highest levels of integrity.


FastBrokers, continues to grow upon the founders' vision as a Global Brokerage Firm offering a wide array of derivative products and providing institutional and retail customers with efficient execution services for Electronic derivatives.

Behind the most advanced execution technologies, highly qualified and motivated industry professionals are willing to assist and support the needs of the sophisticate and fast evolving trading industry.

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